"Horses do not build character, they reveal it." -

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we also went exploring and found a magical forest (not really) but we did get to cross several lakes to get here… event horse benefits
boss took some horses away to a show this weekend, so we had a play around in the arena with some canter poles to an upright i thought *must* be 1.10m. it was 1m. this iis why i am not allowed to build jumps for myself

my horse was awesome today. haven’t been xc since our terrible round at solway so I was kinda nervous about xc schooling but he just had one silly run out really early on and stormed over everything else like normal, ditches, trakheners, the water, and most importantly was super quiet and clever through his combos, feels like he is finally starting to use his brain and i hope that translates to success this season because i am so ready to be competitive. no pressure benĀ 


my boy is back! so stoked. rode him today in a borrowed saddle because mine is with the saddle fitter (he has grown an inch and a half) and he just felt so free and forward :D jumped one cross pole (sneaky) and it is just so good to have him back :D absolutely stoked



I love it when I see riders especially the upper level ones appreciate their horses after a good round

09/08/14: horse is sore. not enough to be lame, but doesn’t feel right so i’ve decided to give him some time to chill out, especially as he didn’t get a break over winter until now. bit awkward this close to the season, but i’ve been indulging by buying him a new rug, and i’m proceeding with pre-season prep as normal by getting him a full clip, stud holes back in his shoes, and best of all, new show gear! <3. only thing that worries me is the lack of prep time we’ve had. i really had wanted to do a 1.10m over winter especially as i’d decided that i had enjoyed the showjumping so much i wanted to focus on it this season. goal had been the amateur at hoy, but i think i will settle instead for completing one amateur before the season is out!

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