my boy is back! so stoked. rode him today in a borrowed saddle because mine is with the saddle fitter (he has grown an inch and a half) and he just felt so free and forward :D jumped one cross pole (sneaky) and it is just so good to have him back :D absolutely stoked



I love it when I see riders especially the upper level ones appreciate their horses after a good round

09/08/14: horse is sore. not enough to be lame, but doesn’t feel right so i’ve decided to give him some time to chill out, especially as he didn’t get a break over winter until now. bit awkward this close to the season, but i’ve been indulging by buying him a new rug, and i’m proceeding with pre-season prep as normal by getting him a full clip, stud holes back in his shoes, and best of all, new show gear! <3. only thing that worries me is the lack of prep time we’ve had. i really had wanted to do a 1.10m over winter especially as i’d decided that i had enjoyed the showjumping so much i wanted to focus on it this season. goal had been the amateur at hoy, but i think i will settle instead for completing one amateur before the season is out!

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